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Chris E. Scott
President, Material Answers LLC was founded with the ambitious goal of being the preferred source of fundamental information for professionals and students in the field of polymer processing. Thus, this site has been designed to be a "living" document which will continually expand in both breadth and depth as information is added. The size of the field of polymer processing along with its constant advances ensure plenty of room for growth.

We have made substantial efforts over the last four months to position for rapid growth. This included a complete change in the look and feel of our site, which will certainly be noticed by our regular visitors. More importantly, a number of invisible changes have been made which will greatly simplify the continuous addition of new content.

Whether our stated goal is achieved depends primarily on whether or not we provide the information which you find most valuable. If you have suggestions as to how the site can be improved, please email me.

June 6, 2001

Chris Scott

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